Tanzania Camping Safari

Unforgettable Tanzania Camping Safari Experiences

Tanzania Camping Safari is simple, during your African Adventure you will stay at designated campsites inside or near national parks. Each campsite has a basic washing facility, shower, and table that you will be able to use (we recommend showering on arrival to make the most of the solar-heated showers as hot water is limited).

Utmost Expeditions will also provide and set up portable tents for you to stay in, complete with mattresses, pillows, and sleeping bags. You will be accompanied by your guide and a safari chef who will prepare meals at the campsite and pack lunches during your safari.

What to expect from Tanzania Camping Safari?

The campsite is not fenced and you may find some wild animals such as elephants, buffalos, etc. wandering around the tents.

All of our tents are waterproof and accommodation only 2 people with the measurement of 2.5m x 2.5m and 1.8m high designed with mosquito nets at the windows and entrance

Tanzania Camping Safari Packages

Explore the wildlife of Tanzania on open savannah and witness the sweetness of the wilderness while staying in Camps. Led by an experienced safari guide, you’ll journey to Tanzania in search of phenomenal wildlife in its natural habitat. Full-service camping will bring you closer to the region’s wildlife and is a cheap thanks to gain insight into local culture during a short amount of your time. Choose one of our popular Camping Tour in Tanzania below

From $1,190

4 Days Camping Safari

From $1,420

5 Days Camping Safari

From $1,435

6 Days Camping Safari

7 Days Camping

Tanzania Camping Safari