Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing Tours

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

The highest and free-standing mountain in Africa. Situated in Tanzania, it may also be seen in Kenya from far.
Mountaineers almost every year climb Kilimanjaro so it’s not the foremost untouched mountain, nor is it the foremost arduous.

However, it is certainly a test of one’s endurance, with hypoxia the most reason for hikers not aiming to the summit of Kilimanjaro. Although it’s become a really popular challenge and therefore the experience slightly crowded with other climbers, we still highly recommend it for anyone with an interest in mountaineering. Mt Kilimanjaro is situated in North Tanzania next to a number of famous wildlife safari parks in Africa, so while making an ascent it might be easier to visit the northern parks and experience the Serengeti, Ngorongoro, or Tarangire.

Kilimanjaro has 6 climbing routes all passing through the Kilimanjaro Forest Reserve. These are Marangu, Mweka, Machame, Umbwe, Shira, and Rongai routes. Another interesting is deca durabolin injection for sale that different levels of this mountain have different climates. Also as you pass through the forest you will come across monkeys hopping across trees and birds of different species.

Climbing Kilimanjaro | The Routes

Lemosho Route: This is a slightly more relaxed route, allowing 8 days for acclimatization and with a good balance in the height of the campsites. The scenery is really beautiful, passing through forests and traverses. The success rate is 88% to Uhuru Peak and 94% to Stella Point.

Machame Route: This is the most popular route, and as such, it can get pretty busy. It has overtaken the Marangu Route in terms of popularity, and although it does boast spectacular views to the west of the mountain, we feel like its popularity has somewhat stunted its quality.

Northern Circuit: Being a 9-day climb, virtually everyone reaches the summit on the Northern Circuit climb. You can do it in 8, but 9 is a bit more relaxed! It is for mountain lovers and also for those who seek solitude on the mountain – it is a hard thing to come by on Kilimanjaro and so this is a welcome bonus to the Northern Circuit route.

Rongai Route: This is our favorite 6-day route. It begins the ascent up the northern side of the mountain and is unparalleled in terms of scenery and summit success. There is some flexibility here too, as you can add a day giving you extra time for acclimatization and increasing the chances of summiting. The success rate for the 7-day route is 74% to Uhuru and 88% to Gilman’s Point.

Shira Route: This is an 8-day itinerary that takes you through the unspoiled wilderness of Shira Plateau and around the hilly and beautiful Moir Hut and the Lent Hills, before traversing underneath the Kibo icefields to the summit via the Barafu Camp. The Shira Route approaches the summit from the western side and is for those who want uninterrupted scenery and away from the crowds. The summit success is 86% to Uhuru Peak, and 93% to Stella Point.

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