Tarangire National Park

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Tarangire National Park is one of the parks founded in Tanzania which is located in the Manyara Region. The name “Tarangire” is originated from the Tarangire River which crosses the park. The park is also famous by the name “Home of Giants” due to the massive Baobab trees as well with about 300 herds of Elephants inside the park.

Tarangire offers a lot of sightings such as pride of lions, leopards, zebras, giraffes, buffalos, wild dogs, cheetah, warthog, spotted hyenas,s, etc. As well as It is the only park where you can spot pythons with ease due to the large number inside the park.

tarangire national park

The Tarangire National Park is also the best destination for birds sighting as well it has a pretty chance of game viewing, especially in the dry season, as the Tarangire River is the only source of water inside the park. The beauty of the landscape is also interesting to many tourists, due to the high number of baobab trees. The park is stretched about 2,850 km².


Tarangire  Park is best known for

  • It’s renowned for its unique tree climbing lions.
  • Offers the best bird viewing site like the beautiful flocks of flamingoes at the lake shoes. This makes the lake have a brilliant view.
  • Its park that offers canoes safari
  • The park is always crowded with animals in the afternoon during the best seasons.

When to go

  • Tarangire being a seasonal park it’s densely populated with wild animals during the dry seasons.so the best time for animal viewing in this park is from June – October .this is the period where most animals migrate following the Tarangire river to quench their thirst. November- April are wet seasons with a lot of rains hence animals are scattered.


  • Game drives around the park.
  • An option day safari to the Barabaig tribe’s ancient Kolo Rock Paintings.
  • Walking safaris.
  • Hot air balloon Tarangire safari.

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